Northumberland United Way/Info Northumberland

Info Northumberland, a program of Northumberland United Way, has been serving the residents of Northumberland County for over 30 years.


As a Community Information and Volunteer Centre, our mandate is to provide information on social, senior, children, family, and health services that are available to all residents of Northumberland County. From receiving help with utilities, recreational sports for your children to services for seniors, we can give you the information you need.


Info Northumberland also has a Volunteer Opportunity database serving Northumberland County. Do you need to fulfill your community hours for your diploma? Are you looking to give back to your community? Are you a senior looking to utilize your life skills? Our volunteer opportunity database is perfect for you. When you start your search and select Northumberland County, you will be taken to volunteer opportunities specific to your area.


As the lead agency on the project, we work with our fourinfo partners to ensure the information you see on our website is up-to-date.
As a 211 data provider, we are pleased to be part of this provincial initiative that gives access to services to all of Ontario.

Check out the publications tab to see the free pamphlet downloads for Northumberland County.